Alma Mater

To Toronto High a song we sing,
Alma Mater, praises ring,
Standards true we will uphold  
As the days and years unfold.
Schoolmates joining side by side
Through the day or eventide,
Lift our hearts and voices true,
Toronto High, we sing to you. 

Alma Mater, praise to thee
Sterling, loyal hearts have we,
You were loved in days of yore,
And we’ll love thee ever more.

Hail the colors, Red and White,
Keep them waving day and night.
Shout thy name as years pass by,
Till our banners reach the sky.
Lo, the golden sun in space
Trims the clouds with scarlet lace,
And the sound of thy dear name
Turns the western sky to flame.


As the evening disappears,
So will dim our high school years,
Other classmates will ‘ere long,
Praise thee in this faithful song.
Matters not where we may be,
We will keep in memory

Through the heaven’s twilight rim,
Soft, sweet echoes of this hymn.


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